Good Heart by Al Newman

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  • Foreword by ICEJ US Director Susan M. Michael
  • Educated about Israel organically through relatable characters.
  • Appealing to both Jewish and Christian audiences.
  • Heartwarming, eye-opening stories of families across backgrounds and generations.


Good Heart interweaves the stories of a Jewish family and a Christian family over three generations. Bobby Langford and Danny Baranson lead classic American childhoods together in small-town Indiana in the 1960s and ’70s. But any notion that these boys’ lives are run-of-the-mill is dispelled when we flash back to the family histories that led them there. As we follow Bobby and Danny’s lives through adulthood, characters from vastly different backgrounds are pulled together by twists of destiny, drawing them all to one special place: the land of Israel.

The book is paperback containing approximately 268 pages.


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