New Covenant Prayer Shawl - Tallit

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  • Prayer shawl with matching bag
  • Made in Israel
  • Dimensions 72 x 22


This beautiful prayer shawl has been made in Israel and has Bible scriptures on all four corners.


"Better than I had imagined! "
Review by Maidservant
on 10/25/2018

This new covenant prayer shawl (Tallit) is exactly what I wanted. I shopped around trying to get myself one from Isreal and was disappointed twice because the one I wanted was always out of stock so I came across this one and ordered it with no regrets. I love the tzit tzit on the four corners with the scriptures too. I highly recommend this Tallit.

"New Covenant Prayer Shawl "
Review by Maidservant
on 11/05/2018

I was originally searching to purchase a Tallit from a merchant from Israel but I kept having trouble with the two shops I was trying to buy one from. They either didn’t have what I wanted In stock or they weren’t at all attentive. Then I received a email from and searched and found the New Covenant Prayer Shawl and ordered it. It shortly arrived and it is far better then what I expected and to my joy and excitement I found out that it was made in Jerusalem! I’m so thrilled and happy to own my very own prayer shawl. I highly recommend this tallit, it is beautifully made. I purchased this beautiful Tallit for a fourth of the cost the others were being sold for.

"prayer shawl"
Review by sue_bee47
on 02/14/2019

thank you soooooooooooo much for the prayer shawl. having answered prayers for my bilogical family, keep me in your prayers family is in rough patch

"Covenant Prayer Shawl"
Review by
on 04/13/2019

Beautfiully made, scripturally sound and very welcomed in our home!  Shalom!

"Prayer shawls "
Review by sreg13
on 05/05/2019

Absolutely beautiful!!! The details are incredible.  I didn’t expect it to come with its own matching case for storage.  The low price is unreal for the quality and detailing of this truly beautiful beautiful shawl. I LOVE it. I felt the Holy Spirit of God the very first time I wrapped the shawl around me in prayer.  My daughter loves her prayer shawl too. Thank you!!! I highly recommend this item to everyone.