Biblical Zionism Series - DVD-Based Small Group Study Guide

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  • Deals with the foundation of Biblical Zionism
  • Authored by Malcolm Hedding


16-part Small Group Study Guide
 - Discover God's Purpose for Israel, the Church and the Nations

Today, the belief system of 'Replacement Theology' is once again gathering traction in the Church, influencing a new generation of leaders who see Christian Zionism as the touchstone of everything that is wrong with the traditional evangelicalism of the previous generation. Christians, right across the denominational spectrum need to be equipped with the theological understanding to make an informed, balanced and biblically articulate defense of Israel.

That’s why we’ve launched a 16-part small group study series based upon Malcolm Hedding’s Foundational Teaching Series - a set of teaching materials that have been distributed in numerous languages across the world.

With an in-depth 100-page study guide and four newly remastered teaching DVDs, Biblical Zionism is a unique resource for small groups and Sunday School classes alike. 

If you would like to be able to dismantle the theological myths that underpin the rising assault against Israel or simply bring a deeper and more balanced understanding of Christian support for Israel to your church, home group or Bible study, this study series is for you.


"Biblical Zionism"
Review by kerux
on 12/02/2019

I visited Israel over two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed studying the land with Bible in hand. Since taking that trip, I have preached sermons on Israel and have found that I consistently say, "When I was in Israel...."I have been wanting to do something on Israel and her right to the land as a formal Bible study but I couldnt find any material already prepared. I bought books and read them but still woudl have to create original material. One day recently, I took another shot at it and searched for something online. To my delight i found your site and the curriculum. I took a chance and ordered the TM not really knowing anything about your ministry. I have gone through about five lessons so far and am very pleased with the study and your theological stance. I plan to offer this to my church in January 2020!