A People Chosen: God’s Purpose and Plan for Israel and the Nations

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  • Self-guided, eight-lesson Bible study
  • Takes participants by the hand through Scripture so they can discover for themselves God’s promises to Israel and why He will never break them.
  • Focuses on God’s plan for the Jewish people and the role of the gentiles in that plan.
  • Highlights the history of anti-Semitism, replacement theology, and the significance of the Land of Israel.
  • Brings participants to modern-day, to consider for their own eyes prophecy coming to pass as God is restoring the nation of Israel both spiritually and physically in preparation for her coming King


Is God finished with the Jewish people?

Understanding Israel according to the Bible and not the media, political views, or personal opinion sheds incredible light on why Israel and the Jewish people exist today. God is not finished with the tiny nation, and has a great purpose and plan for Israel that will impact the world.

A People Chosen: God’s Purpose and Plan for Israel and the Nations is a self-guided eight-lesson Bible study. You will learn about the creation of Israel in Genesis, God’s promises to Israel and the nations, Israel’s scattering and current regathering to Israel, the return of King Jesus to rule and reign from Jerusalem . . . and why Israel is pivotal in God’s plan of redemption. It is a love story of faithfulness, mercy, and justice. It is the story of a people chosen by God to be a conduit for God’s blessings to all mankind. It is a weighty call, and it has not come without a price.


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